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The idea of Go Freelancer was the inspiration that first created SBC Digital, a group of freelancers with years of experience from working together across various agencies. We were sick of "freelance" sites taking a cut of the budget from a job, especially since the freelancers were the ones doing all the work, so we decided to create a site that puts the freelancer first.
The “For Freelancers, By Freelancers” line isn’t just empty words to use as a tagline. We will always put our users first and make sure we remember that this site is about freelancers and employers having a way to get jobs done without some interfering middle-man looking for their cut. Just sign up and start looking for or posting jobs. Other than that initial point of contact we don’t feel we need to be involved, it’s down to a freelancer and employer at that point. With that being said if you want to keep all contact & negotiations done through the site you can and we still won’t look for a cut.
Simply put… Ad’s. We know what you thinking, “Is this going to be another site that is flooded with irrelevant, poorly implemented ads that will make the site borderline unusable?” No! No it will not. We also hate websites that overdo their ad placements to the detriment of the user experience. All we plan to have is minimal, relevant, unobtrusive ads to cover costs of running the site and maybe buy a coffee every now and then. But we cannot stress this enough, we will NEVER charge freelancers or employers to use this service, it is the fundamental reason for the site existing and that will never change.